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My name is Frankie Love and I write high-heat romance for a living. I sell my stories on the Internet and love the fact that I am able to take my passion (writing) and make it my full-time job.

Maybe you’re someone who also likes writing. Maybe you read that first paragraph and were like, Uh, ya, Frankie and I are not alike, I don’t pen Hallmark shit or 50 Shades kink either.

Cool thing is, we don’t have to write the same thing to understand one another. Because if you are a writer in any capacity, we’re already thisclose to being friends.

I get the angst, the doubt, the drama, the self-inflicted crisis of choosing this line of work. I also get the rush that comes from doing what you love, the pure bliss that arrives when you write that one thing that makes your heart sing. I get the blues, baby, but I also get the beauty that comes from writing a really fucking good sex scene.

But I also get the non-writerly parts of being a person. I am wife who has been married for 20 years. Relationships? I get it. They are messy and complicated. I’m also a mom with 6 children. I understand the juggling of all of the things. Most importantly the work that goes into making small humans into larger, kinder humans.

If you think the only people making their dreams a reality are the ones with these pretty, picture perfect lives — I am here to debunk all of that. It is fucking hard. All of it. But it is also pretty fucking great.

Thing is, my (writing) life has gotten pretty topsy-turvy lately. Have you been there? Frankly, I am determined to let this current detour become the road trip I always wanted to take. I am writing this Substack to share about the shit that happens when you give your heart over to living your best damn life, laptop open, ready for it.

Candidly. Whole-heartedly. After-hours with me. Maybe you want to jump in the passenger seat and put on as playlist. I’ll stop for iced coffees and we can read this map together.

xo, frankie